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In-Season Offensive Coordinator System Analysis


The 5 Winning Offensive System Components:
1) PLAYbook: Communication, Effectiveness, Simplicity.
2) SEE the Defense: Force, Control, Change.
3) CALL the Perfect Play: Weakness, Attack, Skill.
4) Practice=BIG GAME: Simulation, Organization, Accountability.
5) Winning MENTALITY: Pillars, 
Consistent, Smart.

"Closing the Gaps Game Plan"for your Offensive System:
Your Gap(s):
1) PLAYbook:  Wristbands (Signals),  Never Empty (Challenge Defense), Gap Pass Pro (Not always block 5), 1 Rec. vs 1 DB routes (2 on 2 more difficult)
2) SEE the Defense:  Don't SEE Defense before Plays (ALWAYS SEE Defense before Plays), No quick Play (JET=quick Play), 2 snap counts (Only 1), (Turbo)
3) CALL the Perfect Play:  No way to CALL Perfect Play due to not knowing what Defense: Safeties, Coverage, Box, Shades, LB's, Blitz, Weakness (SEE)
4) Practice=BIG GAME: No simulation (All drills set up as BIG GAME), Not enough time (Signals), Reps (Signals), Opponent Defense (All Defenses), 
Only 6 Plays for Game that week (Then don't need other Plays), Warm up no Offense (Use it), Weight Room no Offense (Use it), 
5) Wining Mentality: No Pillars, Focus, Leadership Skills (Word of the Week), Not Smart Offense, athletes, athleticism (Don't have a chance then)

Your recommended 
"Closing the Gaps Game Plan":
1) We connect on a Zoom Call to discuss.
2) We immediately begin teaching and learning the System Component(s) recommended.
3) You have 24/7/365 access to me for guarantee of "Closing the Gap".
4) $100/component individual coaching one time payment. 
5) $50/month implementation/application/winning coaching.(24/7/365)



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