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"KNOWING is more important than THROWING."

Train where quarterbacks, coaches, & parents learn
 all the components
it takes to be the elite QB and Coach. 

BIG QB Academy focuses on developing the KNOWLEDGE of the game, the skills of the position, and the ability to dominate consistently, no matter your age.

Separate yourself from the competition by using BIG QB Academy technology
 training at your fingertips, 24/7/365.


Coach Berry
BIG QB Academy Coach

~30+ years Coaching-Texas
~4 Texas State Championship Games
~Youth, Middle School, High School, College
~Athletic Director, Head Coach, Offensive Coordinator, Defensive Coordinator
~Public and Private Schools-Texas
~Average 5,000+ yards per season and 500+ yards per game as Head Coach/Offensive Coordinator/QB Coach

Quarterback/Team Coaching records:
4 different QB's = #1 in the Nation
#1 in the nation for total yards average per game in a single season-Quarterback...495 yards per game.
Braxton Berry-Garland Christian Academy)

#1 in the nation for total yards average per game in a single season-Quarterback...488 yards per game.

(Hayden Burnett-Garland Christian Academy)

#1 in the nation for total yards average per game in a single season-Quarterback...366
 yards per game. 
Braden Frazier-Colleyville Covenant)

#1 in the nation for total yards average per game in a single season-Quarterback...367
 yards per game. 
Patrick Hutka-Rogers High School)

#1 in the nation for total yards in a single season-Quarterback...5,878 yards 

(Patrick Hutka-Rogers High School)
#1 in the nation for team offense
 yards average gained per game...621 yards per game.
(Garland Christian Academy)

#1 in the nation for team offense yards average gained per game...505 yards per game. 
(Garland Christian Academy)

#1 in the nation for points in a single season by an offense...670 points (55 points per game)
(Garland Christian Academy)
#1 in the nation for touchdowns per game in a single season by an offense...8 per game.
(Garland Christian Academy)

#1 in the nation for a receiver in receiving yards in a single season...2,068 yards
(Houston Tuminello-Colleyville Covenant)

#1 in the nation for receptions by a receiver in a single season...122 receptions
(Josh Whatley-Rogers High School)

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BIG QB Academy Virtual Coaching Levels
Knowing before Throwing."

Level 1: Defenses & Coverages from a QB's View.

Level 2: Pass Plays: Routes, Reads and Reasons.

Level 3: Heart Pillars...Building the Mind of a Champion.

Level 4: Live Zoom Weekly Coaching Calls.

Level 5: BIG QB Drills with Coaching Analysis.

Level 6: 1 on 1 Private Zoom Coaching Calls.

Level 1:
"Knowing before Throwing." 

Defenses & Coverages from a QB's View

 Video teaching each week over a different Defense/Coverage
from a QB's view. (12 Weeks)

Gain the knowledge and understanding
of how to recognize each Defense/Coverage immediately.
A video of diagrams, drawings, and game videos showing a different Defense/Coverage being taught
by Coach Berry each of the 12 weeks. 

To go to the next level as a BIG QB, you must first have the foundational knowledge of Defenses/Coverages

BIG QB Academy starts here first because we are all about teaching the fundamentals of the BIG Game of Football.

Level 2: 
"Knowing before Throwing." 

Pass Plays:  Routes, Reads, and Reasons

The #1 characteristic of all elite BIG QB's...
to be Coachable.  

You will be taught on video each week a record-setting
BIG Pass Play from the BIG QB Playbook. (12 Weeks)

You will learn through diagrams, drawings, and BIG Game videos how each Route should be run by the receiver, because all BIG QB's know the Routes of their Playbook.

Each BIG Pass Play has a defensive key Read for the Routes. 

  Every week of the 12 weeks, you will be taught on video by Coach Berry that according to what the key Read does, is where you throw the ball.  
Gaining this ability to 
Read the defensive key will elevate your game to unbelievable new heights. No more guessing, now it is a calculated READ to winning BIG.

You will also be coached on the Reason why the Routes
are run the way they are run, as well as,
Reason why you Read the key that you Read.

Remember this...
"A smart BIG QB is a hard BIG QB to beat."

All elite BIG QB's understand the Routes, Reads,
and Reasons they are being coached to run the Playbook they run.

Level 3:
"Mentality is more important than Mechanics."

Heart Pillars...Building the Mind of a Champion

Mental Toughness has to be developed,
it is not a skill we are born with.

We will study, and apply, a Heart Pillar each week that are our foundational life principles of BIG QB Academy. (12 Weeks)

Each Heart Pillar video is a word, definition, and trigger
association that develops Mental Toughness in the BIG QB.

Each 12 weekly videos of Coach Berry defining the Heart Pillar and issuing a charge of how to use it in your life is powerful.

These exclusive 12 Heart Pillar mental strengthening principles are what separate the average QB from the record-setting, team leading BIG QB's.

The Heart Pillars of a BIG QB are characteristics that last a lifetime. 
BIG: Believe In Greatness.

Level 4:
"Knowing before Throwing."

Live Zoom Weekly Coaching Calls

When being Coachable and Mental Toughness
come together, it means true Greatness.

Live Zoom Weekly Coaching Calls over the BIG Passing Plays
taught with specific details is BIG QB Greatness.

Diagrams, drawings, and
BIG Game videos over each BIG Pass Play in the BIG QB Playbook taught by Coach Berry one night per week.

Each Route and Read will be 
dissected from the BIG QB's view for mastery learning while Live Zoom Coaching takes place.

Question and answer time over the Pass Play of the Week will be given for all BIG QB's.

Understand, it does not matter where you live in the world, this is  
a real-time
Live Weekly Coaching Call for you in the 
BIG QB Academy.

Level 5:
"Knowing before Throwing."

BIG QB Drills with Coaching Analysis

Knowledge must be put into Action for Results
which ultimately produces
hence the Reason for Level 5.

We must always simulate a BIG Game on a daily basis
BIG QB Drills to become a BIG QB.

You will be assigned BIG QB Drills specifically over
Pass Play that was taught on the
Live Zoom Weekly Coaching Call that week.

Specific BIG QB Drills for the week; Routes, Reads, and Reasons
will be outlined and detailed to be performed/practiced in a
BIG Game environment all week by the BIG QB.

The BIG QB will video the assigned BIG QB Drills as he performs/practices them all week. 

Each BIG QB video of the assigned BIG QB Drills being performed by the BIG QB will be sent to Coach Berry.

Coach Berry will Analyze...detailed corrections, and deserved encouragement, for each BIG QB Drill video submitted.  He will return the Analysis to the BIG QB for reviewing.

This powerful tool for BIG QB Academy acceleration is
life-changing as a BIG QB.

BIG Corrections and BIG Encouragement during 
BIG Game simulation. 

Level 6:
"Knowing before Throwing."

1on1 Private Zoom Coaching Calls

There is nothing like eyeball to eyeball BIG QB Academy Coaching.

This gives you 
the opportunity to be Coached by 
BIG QB Academy Coach Berry on any 
topic that you desire
that is covered in the BIG QB Academy 5 Levels. 

That's right, you pick the topic, and you get the full attention
of 1on1 Private Zoom Call Coaching

30 minutes of BIG Coach to BIG Quarterback, Coach or Parent:
uality, focused and BIG Game experience. 

This is the ultimate BIG QB Game-Changer!

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